IACA organizes-Indias Dance with Democracy
Panel discussion and question answer on India’s largest democratic exercise, the FREE and FAIR elections of 2014
The India-American Cultural Association (IACA) is holding an event on Sunday, May 11th, 2014, 4 PM till 6 PM, to mark and discuss the ongoing democratic elections in India.
840,000,000 voters are expected to exercise their franchise in the largest democratic exercise in human history.
We plan to hold a panel discussion and question/answer session to explore the ramifications of this event.
Some of the prominent panelists are :
Dr. Syed Rashid Naim, Director Undergraduate Studies
Department of Political Science
Georgia State University
Professor Jagdish Sheth, Emory University
Mr. M.V George, Overseas Congress Party Leader
Dr. Munjal G. Shroff, D.O.
Board-Certified in Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine
The president of IACA Ms. Nivedita Garabadu, Chairperson Dr Banik, EC and BOD requests the pleasure of your company in the exciting panel discussion. Come to the center with friends and families, and listen first hand about the intricacies of the mammoth elections and its repercussions on future of India and the world. It is a non-political discussion, a forum to hear every one’s views and opinions.

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