"Infinite facets: an exploration of the Self" - A Bharatanatyam Ballet
Vishwa Shanthi Performing Arts, a leading Indian dance company, is proud to premiere its new Bharatanatyam Ballet, "Infinite Facets: an exploration of the Self", a dance production emphasizing Unity in Diversity at a time when divisions among countries and even people within one country loom larger than they ever have, threatening to disrupt peaceful coexistence. Vishwa Shanthi, which means “universal peace”, through its newest production "Infinite Facets: an exploration of the Self" presents well-researched perspectives from different spiritual traditions in the form of entertaining dance that celebrates the One Truth that is common in all of us. "As a child I learned to count one...two...three, Marveling at the infinite beauty of the galaxy,Reflecting on every diverse facet, I dance joyously, Sharing the realization, 'The Self is the same in you and me'." Artistic director, Shreelata Suresh, and 20 principal dancers will illustrate through beautiful song, dance and drama how the On

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